What are the best holiday rentals in the Pembrokeshire Coast for dolphin and seal watching?

Pembrokeshire, a captivating county in Wales, is a treasure of natural beauty, spectacular coastline, and rich wildlife. It is a haven for vacationers and wildlife enthusiasts, particularly those interested in dolphin and seal watching. The coastline, dotted with numerous beaches, offers some of the most enchanting views of the sea you'll ever witness. With its wealth of holiday homes, cottages, and beach houses, Pembrokeshire is the perfect place for a relaxing retreat. In this article, we've handpicked some of the best holiday rentals that offer stunning views and convenient access to the coast for an unforgettable wildlife watching experience.

Coastal Cottages with Breathtaking Views

When it comes to coastal cottages in Pembrokeshire, what you must look for are unhindered views of the sea, proximity to the beach, and tasteful interiors that ooze homely warmth. Let's look at some of the top picks.

The Ocean View Cottage in Saundersfoot is an excellent choice for a family-friendly holiday. This three-bedroom house can comfortably sleep up to six people. With a large garden, a patio area overlooking the sea, and just a stone's throw away from the beach, it provides an optimal vantage point for dolphin and seal watching. The price for a week's stay hovers around £1200, offering good value for money.

Further up the coast, the Seal Watch Cottage in Fishguard offers an unrivalled view of the area. This two-bedroom gem is ideal for a smaller family or a couple seeking a quiet hideaway. With seals often spotted basking on the rocks below, you can enjoy nature's spectacle from your private garden or even your bed! The price for a week's stay is approximately £800.

Comfortable Beach Houses for Larger Families

For larger families or groups, a beach house in Pembrokeshire is a wonderful option. They offer ample space, incredible views, and easy access to the beach.

Dolphin View Beach House in Tenby is one such property that stands out. This five-bedroom house sleeps up to 10 people and is just a few miles from the beach. Dolphins are regularly sighted from the house, making it an ideal place for those who wish to witness these playful creatures in their natural habitat. The price for a week's stay is approximately £2000.

Another beautiful beach house is the Sea Breeze House in Saundersfoot. It boasts four bedrooms and can comfortably sleep up to eight people. With a large garden and a deck offering panoramic views of the sea, this house is perfect for a relaxing holiday. The price for a week's stay is roughly £1500.

Ideal Holiday Rentals for Nature Lovers

For nature lovers, holiday rentals that offer not just stunning sea views but also close interaction with the local flora and fauna are ideal.

Firstly, the Birdsong Cottage, nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, offers exactly this. It's a two-bedroom property that sleeps four people. The cottage has a beautiful garden where a plethora of birds can be sighted. Additionally, the coastal path, just a short walk away from the cottage, offers excellent opportunities for seal watching. The price for a week's stay is about £700.

Similarly, the Butterfly House in St Davids is a charming three-bedroom property that sleeps six people. With a large garden that attracts numerous butterflies, and just a short drive from the coast, this house is perfect for a serene getaway. The price for a week's stay is around £900.

Pet-friendly Cottages for a Complete Family Holiday

For many of us, our pets are an integral part of the family. Hence, it's crucial to choose a holiday rental that welcomes your furry friends as well.

Sea View Cottage in St Davids is one such property. It's a two-bedroom cottage that sleeps four people and allows two pets. It has a beautiful garden for your pets to run around and a deck that offers stunning views of the sea. The price for a week's stay is approximately £800.

Another pet-friendly option is the Coastal Retreat in Fishguard. It's a three-bedroom property that sleeps six people and allows one pet. It has a secure garden and is just a short walk away from the coast, making it an ideal choice for a family holiday. The price for a week's stay is around £1000.

All the holiday rentals mentioned in this article offer a unique experience. By choosing one of these, you're guaranteed a holiday that not only provides a comfortable stay but also immerses you in the stunning natural beauty of Pembrokeshire.

Luxury Rentals with Premium Amenities

Luxury is a subjective term. What one may see as luxury, another might not. However, in the context of holiday rentals in Pembrokeshire, we define luxury as holiday homes that offer more than just the basics. These are properties adorned with premium amenities such as a hot tub, open plan living spaces, stylish decor, and more.

Let's start with the Harbour View Apartment in Fishguard. This three-bedroom apartment sleeps six people and offers stunning sea views. The property is notable for its open plan living and dining space, and high-end interiors. Visitors often rave about the hot tub that overlooks the sea, providing an excellent vantage point for watching dolphins and seals. The apartment is easily accessible, with a ground floor entrance and private parking. A week's stay at Harbour View Apartment is approximately £1200.

For those who relish solitude, the Strumble Head Lighthouse is a unique option. This two-bedroom holiday cottage is nestled on a cliff, offering unparalleled views of the West Wales coast. The open plan kitchen and living area exude a warm, homely vibe. Despite its remote setting, it provides easy access to the Strumble Head coastal path, making dolphin and seal watching a breeze. Pets are allowed, making it a dog-friendly option. The price for a week's stay is around £1500.

Eco-friendly Holiday Homes

For the environmentally conscious traveler, Pembrokeshire offers a range of eco-friendly holiday homes. These properties prioritize sustainability, utilizing renewable energy sources and environmentally-friendly materials in their construction and operation.

The Green House in Saundersfoot is one such property. This three-bedroom property sleeps six people and is powered entirely by renewable energy. It boasts spectacular sea views from its large windows, designed to maximize natural light. The cottage is a short walk away from the beach, providing easy access for dolphin and seal watching. The price for a week's stay is approximately £900.

Another eco-friendly rental is the Eco Beach House in Tenby. This four-bedroom property sleeps eight people. It features an open plan living space and large windows for natural illumination. The house is just a stone's throw from the beach, making it an ideal spot for wildlife watching. The price for a week's stay is approximately £1200.


Pembrokeshire's holiday rentals cater to a wide array of preferences, ensuring everyone finds a place that is just right for them. Whether you are a nature lover who prefers a quiet cottage in the heart of the national park, a large family seeking a spacious beach house, a couple looking for a romantic hideaway with stunning views, or an eco-conscious traveler looking for a sustainable stay, Pembrokeshire has you covered.

The high-quality rentals, coupled with the area's stunning natural beauty and the opportunity to observe fascinating wildlife like dolphins and seals, make Pembrokeshire a compelling holiday destination. So, pack your bags, book your perfect holiday rental, and get ready for an unforgettable vacation on the Pembrokeshire Coast. Don't forget your binoculars!

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